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Thread: Forum Merchandise: The users way of supporting the forum.

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    Forum Merchandise: The users way of supporting the forum.

    There have been some concerns recently about Forum Merchandise and what purpose it serves, this post is intended to clarify these concerns.

    Forum Merchandise is available for users so that users who wish to contribute to the community can do so by purchasing mechanise. Merchandise is licensed and produced through a third party company who handles all the logistics of the merchandise.

    All proceeds from the merchandise go towards firstly the running costs of the merchandise supply etc. and then the remainder is fed back into the forum to assist with the running of the forum so we can continue to provide the forum to users for free.

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    Re: Forum Merchandise: The users way of supporting the forum.

    I am keen to buy a shirt to support the forum (and look really cool) but I am a bit bigger than your average bear.

    The online store only allows me to select Medium as a size, I would need XL... how can I add that to the cart for purchase.

    Cheers Rick

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