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Thread: Post your HSV Q&A Questions in here

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    Post your HSV Q&A Questions in here

    ** HSV Q&A Session Exclusive to**

    The team at is very pleased to announce a special 2-part event where HSV will answer questions submitted by the members of the forum, in real time, live on the forum! The details for the sessions are as follows…

    1. When: Tuesday 6th October 2009 12:00 – 12:45
    Where: Holden Factory / Holden Q&A Forum
    What: Technical Engineering Q&A

    HSV Chief Engineer Joel Stoddart will be available to answer questions regarding the engineering side of the HSV E2 vehicles.

    2. When: Tuesday 13th October 2009 12:00 – 12:45
    Where: Holden Factory / Holden Q&A Forum
    What: Design & Styling Q&A

    HSV Chief of Design Julian Quincey will be available to answer questions regarding the design and styling side of the HSV E2 vehicles.

    Both sessions will also have additional HSV staff who may be able to answer some more general questions if time permits.

    As you would expect, the sessions will need a fair bit of control to stop people repeating questions and allowing HSV time to answer before the next question comes. The format will be to start a new thread for each general question type where HSV can then post answers. Questions with similar themes can go in the same thread, but new topics will have their own threads. This format has a few benefits…

    1. Allows for similar questions / Answers to remain together in a single thread.
    2. Keeps the information on topic.
    3. Allows all to keep track of what is happening, preventing 5 questions from being asked at once.
    4. Start each thread with either [DESIGN] or [ENGINEERING] so HSV know who the question is directed at.
    5. Questions can be submitted anytime between now and the relevant dates below.

    To help with managing these events we would ask that all who participate to follow some pretty obvious rules….

    1. Keep track of the conversations and try not to repeat questions.
    2. Keep the questions relevant to the thread topic.
    3. Only start a new thread if no current threads cover the topic you would like to ask about.
    4. Any and I mean ANY abusive, antisocial or trolling posts will result in a ban. Duration of the ban will be determined by the offence but given the effort going in to manage this, the Mods will act first and ask questions later.
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